Dawn of the Rise of the Planet of the Monkeys

I went and saw Dawn of the Planet of the Apes with a few friends last night. In retrospect, I probably should have at least read a plot synopsis for the others before diving in, but I don’t think you necessarily have to know what the others are about to get this one (it’s just a plus). I hit the jackpot friend-wise and sat by the monkey superfan, but to all of you that don’t have an Ape movie loving buddy, check out Wikipedia or something before you buy a ticket, just in case.

My only problem with this movie is the title. I mean, seriously. If there is more than one ‘of the’ in the title, you have to realise it’s too long. If there are enough words to form a complex sentence, the movie title needs to be shortened. Isn’t there a sort of unwritten rule about this sort of thing? I certainly thought there was. I’m very disappointed by their inability to follow procedure and satisfy my brain’s need for simple movie titles.

To add to this. dawn apparently comes after rise which makes absolutely no sense to me. I’d think the dawn – the start – would be before the rise. It has to begin before it can grow and gain strength… but apparently not. Those genius monkeys became powerful before they appeared ’cause science.

Is anyone else having this problem? Because it’s a real thing. These monkey movies are too much for my poor mind.

Alright. I’m done.

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